Now is the time to stand together, and fight against these damaging and disingenuous reforms, which will negatively impact both landlords and tenants

The REIQ and LJ Gilland Real Estate  strongly opposes the proposed reforms which are a

slap in the face to every day ‘mum and dad’ property owners who provide the

majority of housing to Queensland’s renters.”

To all .


I am emailing all our owners in regards to the Queensland Government

releasing the first stage proposed report to the RTRA Act.


Please find letter attached for your information


I received an email from the RTA noted below, the review and future changes

are proposed to be carried out in two stages.


The State Government’s proposed rental reforms have the potential to destroy

Queensland’s rental market and create the most onerous rental laws in the



Take action here:


With more than 34 per cent of Queensland households in the rental market,

our state has one of the highest proportions of renters in Australia. To

destabilise this market, would detrimentally impact both property owners and



The REIQ and LJ Gilland Real Estate  strongly opposes the proposed reforms which are a

slap in the face to every day ‘mum and dad’ property owners who provide the

majority of housing to Queensland’s renters.


If enacted, the law change would

erode fundamental landlord rights and deter property investment across the



The reforms’ ripple effect would see renters struggling to find suitable

housing under already tight conditions.


In a further blow to tenants, rents are expected to increase by up to $18

per week.


The most controversial and damaging reform is the proposed abolishment of a

landlord’s right to not renew a tenancy agreement at the end of its agreed



Other proposed reforms include:


* The loss of a property owner’s right to refuse pets;


* The introduction of a tenant’s right to make modifications to a rental

property without the property owner’s consent; and


* The introduction of minimum housing standards requiring the rental

property and its inclusions to meet prescribed standards and to be in a

certain state of repair.


The REIQ and LJ Gilland Real Estate are disappointed that property owners have been

totally overlooked in this rental law review, and will be actively

campaigning against the damaging reforms via a range of avenues, including

social media and other shareable channels.


For success, the campaign will rely on the active support of real estate

professionals and the community at large.


Now is the time to stand together, and fight against these damaging and

disingenuous reforms, which will negatively impact both landlords and



It’s time to protect people and property.

“Dear Owners,

We are writing to inform you about the recent rental reforms proposed by the Minister for Housing and Public Works, Mick de Brenni on the 16 November 2019, which if passed will impact you and your rights as a property owner.

The Minister’s proposed reforms go too far and will see you lose control of your asset and fundamental decision-making rights.

The key issues of importance that will impact you are outlined below:

  1. Ending tenancies – this reform will strip you of your right to not renew a tenancy agreement at the end of an agreed term. Current laws do not permit you to end a tenancy during a fixed term without grounds, so there is no need for this limitation. This reform will allow a tenant to remain in a tenancy indefinitely and for as long as the tenant wants, unless you can establish a ground prescribed by law. Allowing a tenant to ‘stay for life’ erodes your right as an owner to determine who you wish to rent your property to and for what term.
  2. Minimum Housing Standards – this imposes obligations on you to meet required minimum standards despite the shape, size or age of your property. It’s unclear what the scope and limits of these standards will be and the cost to you could be in the tens of thousands of dollars.
  3. Pets – this proposed reform will require you to say yes to pets unless you can obtain an order from QCAT. In addition, the proposed ‘pet bond’ being promoted by the Minister is not, in fact, a pet bond. The ‘bond’ is merely a sum of money (approximately $150) that is set aside for professional pest control at the end of the tenancy if fumigation is required. Importantly, the proposed ‘pet bond’ does not cover damage to the property caused by having pets of any type (breed, kind) or size on the premises.
  4. Modifications – this proposed reform will allow tenants to make modifications and changes to your property, without consent in some instances, and will reduce the level of control you have over modifications that a tenant wishes to make to suit their personal needs and preferences.

Overall, the proposed reforms will create increased risk and costs for you and erode your fundamental rights to protect your asset.

The REIQ is campaigning against the proposed reforms and welcomes your support. Visit to get involved and have your say!

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Renting in QLD”


Yours Faithfully, LJ Gilland Real Estate



Yours Sincerely,



Best Regards


Linda 姬琳达珍 and Carlos Debello (LREA)

LJ Gilland Real Estate Pty Ltd

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