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Recommendation and Testimony 🙏

This is a #recommendation #statement about LJ Gilland Real Estate. I have been using the Linda and Carlos #team for over 10 years to successfully manage one of my #investment properties for #rental and, finally, for the sale of the … Continue reading

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Who is responsible for repairs in a rental property

It’s a common question that is often confusing for both tenants and landlords alike. In a nutshell, basic tenancy laws state that property damage related to fair wear and tear is the landlord’s responsibility while accidental or malicious damage caused … Continue reading

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Why local is no longer important in property management

The last five years has seen an emergence of technology in property management that has totally transformed the landscape of how this area of real estate operates. The advantage of technology In the olden days (cough, when I started) we had very … Continue reading

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