Preparing for Spring Property Sale

pring is here, and despite a cautious mood in some markets, many are expecting a strong spring selling season.

So, if you’ve decided to take the big step of selling your property this spring, what can you do to prepare your property for sale – ensuring it is presented in its best light, and helping you achieve the maximum price.

Tidy the house

  • Declutter shelves and cupboards.
  • Throw out or give away anything you don’t use.
  • Remove as much from the house as you can.
  • Consider hiring storage if you don’t have anywhere to keep surplus items.
  • It’s easier to show the home’s form and flow if it’s streamlined and uncluttered.

Clean the house

  • Clean glass doors and windows. The crisp spring sunshine will illuminate your house in the best light if glass windows and doors are sparkling clean.
  • Dust blinds, or even have them professionally cleaned.
  • Have carpets steam cleaned.
  • Wipe down cupboard fronts.
  • Clean fireplaces.
  • Dust the house relentlessly!

Finish repairs

  • Take a walk around the home and see if anything needs repairing.
  • Consider if the house needs painting, even if only in some sections. Is the paint peeling, are cracks appearing? Dirty walls can be miraculously cleaned with a coat of paint.
  • Does timber need staining or oiling?
  • Do windows need repairing?

Prepare the garden

  • Rake up dead leaves.
  • Remove weeds.
  • Prune dead winter growth, but be careful not to remove new buds.
  • Fertilise any lawn and garden beds.
  • Keep the garden hydrated so it is flourishing by the time you are opening your home for inspections.
  • Lay mulch to provide a consistent texture through your garden, and to hide empty or unkempt patches.

Styling the house

  • Consider having your house professionally styled. Many homes on the market are styled these days; you don’t want yours to look shabby in comparison.
  • Refer to magazine and style websites to see if you can incorporate some of the latest looks into your home.
  • Do you want to leave a few carefully chosen personal items? If so, which ones?
  • Remove worn carpets or rugs.
  • Straighten wall hangings.
  • If your kitchen or bathroom (or both!) are very dated, consider a mini-makeover, such as new benchtops, new taps, or even something as simple a new shower curtain!

Preparing for open house inspections

  • Consider hiring furniture and home accessories if yours are looking tired.
  • Take a last minute walk around the home before you leave. Has anything been left behind? Does anything stand out?
  • Some owners and agents like to burn oil to create a pleasant aroma and calm mood.
  • If appropriate, turn on some music. Quiet background music is the most appropriate choice here.

The latest data on dwelling approvals and housing finance are firmer than anticipated, while house price growth in Sydney and Melbourne remains relatively strong. Taken together, this suggests that the moderation in the housing market and residential construction will be gradual. Uncertainty about the timing and extent of the expected downturn in home-building continues to pose a risk to our GDP forecast


there are many upsides to real estate investing, which combine to far outweigh the downsides. The reality is that investors can get burned – however, with the right education, a clear investment strategy, and a handful of risk mitigation tools, there are myriad ways you can make big profits from property.

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