How to make your home more secure tips

It doesn’t matter in which city or part of the city you live – your safety should always be your number one concern. Even the nicest neighbourhoods can have some security problems, and it’s natural that you want to be protected and safe. There is no need to get paranoid and bolt your doors with a dozen locks, but there are some easy tricks you can use to make sure your home is secure.

Keep your valuables tucked away

The best way you can avoid getting robbed is by not having anything valuable in your home. Still, as it’s virtually impossible not to have anything valuable in your home, you should at least keep it away in a secure place. Buy a small safe if you have valuable jewellery or documents, and keep other things hiding in plain sight: hollow out an old book and turn it into a box in which you can stash money and keep it safely on a shelf or get yourself double-bottomed bowls. If you have a wall niche in your home, you can turn it into a secret window – just cover it with a mirror or a painting which you can move if and when needed.

Get a security system

With so many security systems out there, it’s difficult to know which one is the best for you. Sometimes, all you need to do is install a basic camera above your front door, but you can also choose a fully monitored smart system. Think about the kind of security system you need and pick the one you’re most comfortable with, but make sure it includes motion sensors for both doors and windows, an alarm, as well as carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. When you get a security system, never display one of those ‘protected by XYZ’ stickers on your door. If you do that, you’re informing the burglar of the type of security system you are use and you’re giving them a chance to disable it more easily. If you want to put a sticker which will discourage burglars, choose a generic one instead.

Bolt your doors to keep your home secure

Home secure 3You’d be surprised to discover how many people simply forget to lock their doors and cars, which makes it possible for a burglar to simply enter through the front door. Beautiful glass doors may look great, but they are incredibly easy to break, so opting for good security doors may be a better option. The hinges should be protected and frames should be strong, and if there is a small mail slot, make sure a person can’t reach through it with their hand and unlock the door. Also, all those spare ‘hidden’ keys should be thrown away – they are too easy to find. Still, if you’d like to keep spare keys around, provide a good hiding place for them because under the mat or under the flowerpot is simply too predictable.

Display important phone numbers

If you have children and often have babysitters or a housekeeper coming over, it’s important to keep your phone numbers in a visible place. You can write phone numbers of other members of your family and also the number people can use to reach you when you’re working. This way you will know that, if anything happens in your home while you’re away, people in your household will be able to get a hold of you and let you know what is going on. Also, always exchange phone numbers with your neighbours as well, because when you’re not at home, they could be the ones to notice that something is amiss and notify you or the police.

home secureWhatever you do, always make sure your family is safe and secure. When you’re away, make sure that other members of your family know how to reach you and let you know if anything is wrong. The statistics are frightening, but if you work hard and protect your home properly, you lower your chances of becoming a part of those dreadful numbers. You won’t be able to turn your home into a fortress, but once you’re done with these upgrades, you will sure feel as safe as if you were within one.

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